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The very first version of the Smartlands Network has been released

September 30, 2020

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The new stage of Smartlands ecosystem development has begun. The alpha version of the Smartlands Network testnet becomes available now, thus anybody can download a docker image and run a validator. You can find the installation manual here.

The key idea of this release is to provide an opportunity for our most active community members to run validators, better understand the consensus mechanism of Cosmos-based blockchain networks, practical implications, limitations, risks, and other possible issues. Additionally, you can test limits or experiment in testnet without the risk of losing tokens due to any issues there may be.

A wallet and a block explorer with a user-friendly interface are not included in this release as they are still being developed. They will become available later as well as Stellar-Cosmos bridge to transfer SLT tokens. All the details will be available soon.

In addition to the node of the Smartlands Network, the docker image comes with the web-API and the console wallet so all the basic functions become available for tech-savvy users and developers.

Please contact us at to get testnet SLTs required for becoming a validator on Smartlands Network’s testnet.

Looking forward to your active participation in running the Smartlands Network together!