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Just a reminder to all SLT holders

June 2, 2021

Category: Blog

You probably heard of weird laws around the globe, such as the prohibition of dying or banning donkeys from sleeping in bathtubs. They sound ridiculous, but usually, it is a consequence of someone’s real actions. 

Let’s take a look at a dumb thing to do with SLT. For the last year, there were dozens of cases of sending coins to the company’s account. And the problem is that it’s an issuing account; it’s not set to receive any transfers. All tokens sent to this account are being burnt and couldn’t be recovered regardless of the amount. 

Before we launch the updated wallet, we would like to remind you of quite a simple thing. When sending your SLT, please double-check the address you are sending to and make sure it is the right one. 

This is our issuing account; we hope you won’t mistake it for anything else SMARTLANDS ACCOUNT [SMARTLANDS] G-C-K-A-6-K-5-P-C-Q-6-P-N-F-5-R-Q-B-F-7-P-Q-D-J-W-R-H-O-6-U-O-G-F-M-R-L-K-3-D-Y-H-D-O-I-2-4-4-V-4-7-X-K-Q-4-G-P. 

We won’t introduce a law trying to stop you from doing this silly action. But if for some reason it’s done again – all we can do is to award this person with an NFT badge saying ‘I have burnt my SLT ?’.