We see our mission in tokenizing the real economy and providing access for investing in it to a broad audience, thus trying to make a positive shift in the digital and non-digital economy.
Following our aim we develop the Smartlands ecosystem the way it could be used in own projects, we ensure all possible integrations for joint projects and cooperations and provide white-label solution for stand-alone developments.

Smartlands own projects

Smartlands investments platform completed a proven use case for tokenizing shares in real assets and issuing digital assets in 2019 according to the UK regulations. 

Based on this experience we developed the platform further on and are getting ready for a bigger launch that starts on the Ukrainian market in early Q2 2021.

We start with launching the real estate investment project and continuing in tokenizing SMEs’ shares. Our spheres of interest are not limited to these fields and we are also interested in agriculture and many other directions.

Alternative investments – real estate

Partnered with a local investment bank, asset owners, and institutional investors, we are launching the market-first alternative investment vehicle in Ukraine, where we see the spotlight towards the comprehensive economy transformation on the digital rails, led by the government.

Primary targets are fully let office buildings, halls of residence, warehouses, and commercial sites. The platform allows asset owners to securitize part of their free equity in these assets and sell it on to minority investors through ICOs, which then entitle the holder to both pro-rata upside over time and a dividend yield based upon rental inflows. 

The full infrastructure has been developed over the past years, and a trial listing of a property in Nottingham, UK, has already been carried on the platform to confirm proof of concept. 

The legal framework for this project is already finalized and covers three scenarios with an iterational roadmap. 

Step One: we are presenting the limited number of profitable assets to be available for HNWIs, institutional investors, and family offices worldwide.

Step Two: we are utilizing our proven European legal framework to offer tokenized assets to retail investors.

Step Three: as soon as the new legislation on digital assets in Ukraine comes into force, we are free to unlock all the benefits and value propositions of pure asset-backed tokens. To name a few, transferability, secondary market, even exchange listings, and more utility functions for the ABTs.

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In partnership with Business Incubator Group Ukraine, we move beyond being a real estate investment platform to offering ICOs on behalf of Ukrainian companies across a wide number of sectors.

To date, the best opportunities to invest in promising companies at the early stage of their development have been denied to the average investor as specialist Venture Capital funds have taken the investments for their own benefit. With Smartlands, we will be democratizing the process and making these investment opportunities available to everyone with companies that have been through the BIG-U program and are thus in a strong position to create substantial returns for their early-stage investors.

This project is in the initial stages of development. We will be updating the information on its development.


Agroxy platform

Agroxy is a blockchain ecosystem that provides a regional, informational, and trading platform for farmers and agricultural product buyers. Agroxy and Smartlands have entered into a Joint Venture where the blockchain solution developed by Smartlands will be merged with Agroxy’s backend, making Smartlands’ IP the backbone of the Agroxy system.

This union aims to develop cooperative blockchain-based solutions for agriculture and capital markets, particularly to develop an alternative investments marketplace with the blockchain-based tokenization platform.

Once the Smartlands blockchain solution goes live within Agroxy, users of the system will be able to pay fees and commissions and indeed carry out complete trades using the Smartlands Token (SLT) as the primary method of exchange, facilitating fast transfers of value between the trade participants. This will be especially useful in rural areas of West Africa, for example, where full-service banks are expensive, slow, and not to be found on every street corner.

The Smartlands blockchain will also allow full traceability of each product consignment through its blockchain history, making it easier for buyers to apply social considerations to their purchasing policy.

Agroxy will continue to open up new geographical markets for the platform moving forward, and each new market will result in more transactions being undertaken in part or completely with the Smartlands Token, which will further underpin demand.

More details on the Agroxy platform is available in this article.

White-Label Solution

Public fundraising is one of our key competencies and we believe that public blockchain is very well suited for it, consequently, we develop our ecosystem the way it could be used in the multi-chain world, including private chains.

We offer a white-label solution and our support to fundraising projects, capital markets, trading platforms. Please contact our team today to schedule a call and we can discuss a possibility to collaborate ([email protected]).